Certificate of Veterinary Inspection

Exhibitors will have a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) (e.g. health papers) completed after September 17th 2020 for each animal transported to the show.

The Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) (e.g. health papers) must contain the alpaca name, ARI registration #, microchip number, and PCR BVDV test results stating “Negative” or “not Detected”, with the date of the test, the initials of the lab that performed the test and the temperature of the alpaca at the time of exam.   Must be signed by your Veterinarian. All information must be on the state form provided by your vet.

Microchips:  The State of Michigan is requiring all out of State alpacas must have a 15 digit microchip ISO consisting of 15 digits, containing a 840 number, with a frequency of 134.2 kHz.  All Alpacas born after 2016 coming into MI need the afore mentioned microchip or an 840 ear tag.  Any alpacas that come into the state MI to live, also need a Brucellosis Test.  (this is not needed for exhibition).  All information for bringing Alpacas into the State of Michigan can be found on the Michigan Department Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) web site.

Out of state farms: To purchase the correct microchip you can google 15digit microchips with 840 number. You DO NOT  a new chip reader.

The VI test is acceptable if it has been completed any time prior to 1-1-2010.